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Madison One salon is directed by Sue Tyrrell. The salon is located in Park Place on Seven Mile Beach and is the first studio style color specialist salon in Grand Cayman. Make a quick reservation using the form or call Sue at 1-345-525-0813 to check availability.



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    Color Correction

    Professional Color Correction Cayman Islands Has To Offer

    Imagine going to a salon and getting your hair colored only to realize it’s brassy.

    This is a real concern for some people, and it can lead to wanting an immediate change of color.

    At Madison One Salon, clients are welcomed by trusted professionals with years of experience. These specialists have spent years honing their craft and understand the nuances of corrective measures. All changes are made in sync with a client’s needs.

    For professional color correction Cayman Islands have to offer, Madison One Salon is the go-to option.


    Color correction services involve an assessment of the hair (color/texture/quality) before a plan is set up based on these variables.

    The goal is to “de-colorize” the hair and then work on using specifically chosen colors to offset previous changes. This step requires knowledge and experience to get right, or the color may not mix as well as it needs to.

    Madison One Salon uses the best colors to ensure clients leave with a smile on their face.

    Reasons To Choose Madison One Salon

    1) Trusted

    Don’t want to go to a hair salon that’s inefficient?

    Madison One Salon is a trustworthy, professional service with a dedicated staff. A client’s needs are put before everything else guaranteed positive results. No one should have to settle for below par hair in this day and age. Come to the salon and speak to a specialist for an in-depth assessment.

    This is the best way to eliminate previous mistakes and take control of your hair’s color.

    The specialist will plan a robust change that’s easy, affordable, and professional.

    2) Experienced

    Madison One Salon has years of experience and is home to some of the finest specialists in the Cayman Islands.

    If the goal is to receive service from professionals who are courteous, timely, and committed then Madison One Salon is the only option worth your time. The team will analyze the hair, plan ahead, and use modern techniques to offer comprehensive corrections.

    No one should have to walk out the door with shoddy hair that doesn’t suit them.

    3) Customized Corrections

    It’s one thing to go through a streamlined process and another to visit Madison One Salon.

    The team pays attention to a client’s needs and emphasizes these details before offering a robust solution. The goal is to provide customized corrections based on the client’s concerns and goals. This eliminates the chances of mistakes being made again.

    Get the color you want and know it is going to sparkle under the sun as soon as you walk out the door.

    This is the beauty of Madison One Salon and its color correction services.

    To begin your journey towards beautiful hair, book an appointment at Madison One Salon and know you’re going to have the opportunity to speak to a professional. Get the color you want and don’t settle for something that is less than the best. It’s important to choose a solution that is worthwhile when it comes to fixing a previous mistake.

    Start now and know you’re in great hands for color correction Cayman Islands have to offer.