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Madison One salon is directed by Sue Tyrrell. The salon is located in Park Place on Seven Mile Beach and is the first studio style color specialist salon in Grand Cayman. Make a quick reservation using the form or call Sue at 1-345-525-0813 to check availability.



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    Hair Colorist


    Professional Hair Colorist Cayman Islands

    Planning to give yourself a makeover? One of the simplest ways of sporting a new look is by coloring your hair. This may be something you’ve been thinking about for some time now, but the horror stories you see or hear from other people might be discouraging you from trying a new color.

    Unfortunately, many hair coloring disasters stem from misinformation, both on the part of the client and the colorist. This is precisely the reason why you should choose a reputable hair colorist Cayman Islands to guarantee that you’ll achieve the kind of look you’ve always wanted.

    At Madison One Salon, our hair colorist works closely with the client throughout the coloring process. It all starts with an initial consultation. In this step, we try to learn everything about your hair coloring history. It’s worth noting that picking a color is more than just sifting through a hair color swatch book and emulating the style of your favorite celebrity. A lot of factors come into play including your hair type, natural hair color, and even your skin tone.

    Our professional hair colorists take science back in style to provide you with the best makeover. You will be informed about every step of the process. For instance, trying to lighten dark hair requires a more intensive process. The hair must first be decolorized using developer or peroxide. This is a necessary step to open up the hair cuticle and allow the dye to reach the inner cortex and deposit your desired color.

    Now, there’s no reason to feel intimidated despite the use of science-backed strategies in our hair coloring process. Our hair colorist will communicate in simple language so you can understand every step.

    We specialize in a variety of hair color treatments. Whether you need a single-process or express highlights, we got you covered. We have the perfect solution regardless of the color and style you want to achieve.

    Madison One Salon strives to offer the best hair coloring services, and this will only be possible if clients feel happy and satisfied with the end results. While our hair colorist Cayman Islands can help you pick a color and even add dimension to your hair, we still recommend communicating your expectations to increase the odds of achieving the look you’re after.

    We take pride in having a team of licensed and trained hair colorists who didn’t only learn from trial and error but has been board certified to guarantee the highest level of service.

    So are you ready to color your hair? Allow us to witness your makeover by trying our hair color treatments. There’s a no-obligation consultation, so feel free to speak with our hair colorist to help you decide on the right color and style for your hair.

    Rest assured that you will receive topnotch services including aftercare treatment. At Madison One Salon, every step of the hair coloring process is administered by a professional so you won’t only get a new look, but your money’s worth as well.