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Best Hair Salon

Madison One salon is directed by Sue Tyrrell. The salon is located in Park Place on Seven Mile Beach and is the first studio style color specialist salon in Grand Cayman. Make a quick reservation using the form or call Sue at 1-345-325-0371 to check availability.



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Best Hair Salon

Best Hair Salon Cayman Islands Are Home To

Want to get a picture-perfect haircut?

It’s time to rush over to Madison One Salon and receive world-class service from the best team in town.

Whether it is hair color, haircuts, or color correction, Madison One Salon is a critically acclaimed option for clients seeking perfection. This team is dedicated, professional, and passionate about its craft and will analyze a client’s requirements before offering the ideal solution.

This is the best hair salon Cayman Islands have to offer.

Here is more on what makes Madison One Salon an ideal fit.


1) Balayage (Full Head/Partial)
2) Foils (Face Framing/Partial/Full Head)
3) Color (Semi/Tint)
4) Scalp Bleach
5) Color Correction
6) Extensions
7) Olaplex
8) Haircut (Style)


The hairstylists at Madison One Salon are professional, certified, and dedicated.

These are professionals with years of experience and a passion for providing world-class service to all clients. Why go with those who are unable to generate valuable results when you don’t have to? Madison One prides itself on going the extra mile and offers resolute quality from the word go.

Trust the team to provide meaningful change and know it will result in gorgeous new hair.


Not only is the team professional but it is also geared towards staying friendly.

A hair salon is a place for peace, tranquility, and relaxation like never seen before. The team works hard to maintain this atmosphere and understands the value of intricate details. Madison One Salon ensures clients are met with patience, professionalism, and general respect.

Visit Madison One Salon and enjoy your experience to the fullest!

Personalized Experience

Have specific needs no one else can meet?

Give Madison One Salon a shot because this team is well-versed with old and new techniques offering a comprehensive set of services. No one has to settle for anything short of the best when it comes to Madison One Salon.

This is the best hair salon Cayman Islands have to offer and for good reason. It is established as one of the finest services in town due to its commitment to excellence.

Soothing Environment

As soon as one walks through the front door and takes in the salon, it becomes apparent the attention to detail is unbeatable.

This is one of the most relaxing environments on the islands and is well-regarded for its beauty. Clients can walk in and relax from the moment proceedings begin. No one has to settle for inferior services or receive inefficient results while seated in a chair.

This environment is a part of the experience and one of the reasons Madison One Salon has earned praise from around the region.

To book your appointment and receive assistance from a certified hair stylist, please call in and get started by speaking to a representative. Your appointment is the gateway to better and more beautiful hair like never seen before. This is your chance to leap forward and have the time of your lives while rocking gorgeous hair!