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Madison One salon is directed by Sue Tyrrell. The salon is located in Park Place on Seven Mile Beach and is the first studio style color specialist salon in Grand Cayman. Make a quick reservation using the form or call Sue at 1-345-325-0371 to check availability.



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Best Hair Stylist


How To Evaluate And Choose A Hair Stylist Cayman Islands Professional

If you are living in the Cayman Islands, or perhaps just visiting, you should be able to find a hairstylist that can help you out. There are many that have been doing business for several years or decades, one of which will have time to help you get the best hairstyle. There are many to choose from that are extremely popular right now. They are able to do Balayage, color corrections, color melts, highlights, and Ombre hairstyles. They may even be able to provide you with a Olaplex treatment to help improve the way that your hair looks. Here are a few tips on how to evaluate and choose a hair stylist Cayman Islands professional.

Where To Begin Looking For Hair Stylist

You can start looking with your smart phone, simply searching on the web. Most businesses will have a website that will be professionally designed, showcasing what they are able to do. Some of them will also have products that you will be able to purchase that can help improve your hair such as L’Oreal and Living Proof hair care products. The other way that you can locate these businesses is to look through a local business directory that will provide you with their contact information.

Ways To Evaluate These Companies

If you happen to be local, you will likely have friends or family members that have recently had their hair done by a local hairstylist. If they were happy with the final result, they will more than likely recommend this individual to you. However, if you are simply visiting, you will need to look at online reviews on the different hairstylists that are in the Cayman Islands. These will be from actual customers that can tell you about their experience. You also need to contact each of the companies to find out about available openings. Some of them may not have any for several weeks. Additionally, you need to ask what type of hair treatment options that they have available, and how much they are, so that you can decide on which hairstylist to use.

Setting Your Appointment

The appointment that you set will depend upon your evaluation, when you need to have your hair done, and who is offering the best deals. Additionally, there may only be a couple companies that can provide you with the exact hair coloring options that you will want to consider, which may narrow down your list even further. If you want to work with a business that is able to do all of the haircare treatments listed above, and will have all of the products mentioned, you should contact Madison One Stylist. They have the best hairstylists in the Cayman Islands, plus all of the latest L’Oreal, Living proof, and Olaplex products available for you to purchase.

Choosing the right hairstylist is very important. Your decision will affect the way that you look for at least several months. Whether you are getting standard hair coloring or highlights, or if you would like to have a Balayage or Ombre treatment done, you need to make sure you are working with a competent professional. Now that you know who the best hair stylist Cayman Islands has to offer is, you should set your appointment today. They will ensure that you will look your best, for an affordable cost, using their reliable services.