Balayage is the french word meaning “to sweep” it developed in the 1970’s in France and it is a freehand technique, it is used to lighten the hair that creates  a natural freehand california beachy look.



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    Balayage is the french word meaning “to sweep” it developed in the 1970’s in France and it is a freehand technique, it is used to lighten the hair that creates  a natural freehand california beachy look. Celebs love this trend like Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad, Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Wilde to name a few. This is different from traditional foils as foils lighten the hair from the root to the end compared to a softer more muted root. Balayage creates a really natural soft  unnoticeable regrowth with no harsh lines meaning it is low maintenance to the client, it is great for women who want subtle looking highlights. Clients generally get three to four months wear out of this technique and six to eight weeks from traditional highlights, you can get months without touching it up and it can be done on dark or light hair, striaght or curly. Foliage is a combination of balayge and foiled highlights combined in one sevice, the foils have a benefit of lightening the hair past that brassy stage especially if they have darker hair. Either method can lift the hair with minimal damage that is why it is so important to see a professional colorist to have a hair service done. It is ideal to get yourself on a maintenance schedule every three to four months and six to eight weeks for toning if needed. Gone are the days where clients want only light roots every girl wants  surfer beautiful hair with darker roots and lighter ends, even if your miles away from the beach you can still look like its the product of salt sun and an endless summer. This look is usually complimented with beachy waves for that undone look, these are created with a flat iron, curling thong or wand in various directions.

    Where To Find A Balayage Cayman Islands Beauty Salon

    There are two very popular hairstyles that many women prefer today. They provide you with a very unique yet natural look. They are called Ombre and Balayage, two styles that are very difficult to create, each of which is done in a completely different manner. Although they may look very similar upon cursory inspection, they are different for a couple different reasons. Part of this difference has to do with the manner in which the hairstyle is done, and the other has to do with how much maintenance is required to maintain this style over an extended period of time. If you have been looking for a beauty salon that can help you with the Balayage style, here is how you can find the best Balayage Cayman Islands that is currently available.

    The Difference Between The Ombre And Balayage Styles

    Ombre is actually referred to by many hairdressers as the style. It is a word that has its origins in the French language. It simply means shadow, and that is exactly what you get with this particular hairdo. They are able to take your hair, which may be darker, and gradually make it lighter all the way to the end. This is designed for women that are a little more daring. It is a color blocking style, one that provides an obvious transition. However, this can be difficult to manage and that is where the Balayage comes in. It is very similar, but it is distinctive and also much easier to manage. Balayage starts at the top as well, blocking the darker color of your hair. This is also in reference to a French word. It simply means to sweep. It is done by coloring your hair in triangular sections, using either foil or a board. The transition is actually going to look much more natural. However, if this is not done properly, it can be disastrous. That’s why you need to find a proper Balayage Cayman Islands hairdresser that will know exactly how to do this the right way.  Hair of Cayman Islands

    You can find hairdressers that are very familiar with the Balayage style. It is one that is extremely popular, and therefore many hairdressers in the Cayman Islands will know how to do this. You need to be very careful when choosing a hairdresser, making sure that you look at online reviews for each of them, reviews left by actual customers that were happy with their service. You could also use Madison One Salon. This is one of the best in the Cayman Islands. You can set your appointment today, and in no time at all, they will provide you with the perfect service.

    If you have been wanting to try the Balayage hairdo, you can count on the people at Madison One Salon to do this right. This is a company that is one of the best hairstylists throughout the Cayman Islands, and you will be very happy with the final results. Best of all, it’s very easy to get an appointment, and they charge a fair price for all of their hairdos. Give them a call today and find out why many people are recommending this company if the Balayage hairstyle is something you would like to try out.